Dementia Care Services

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Allied Health Professionals

If you are suffering from dementia then you may meet other health professionals. These are what's known as 'allied health professionals'.

You will either meet these professionals in your home, in hospital or in a care home. They can support you in many different areas of your health. The areas in which they can provide support are; sight, hearing, eating, drinking, continence, getting about and keeping independent.

The issues that can develop in the areas above can develop with dementia and so it is important that you know where to find help.

The best place to ask for help if you need it, is with the doctor in charge of your case. This will either be your GP if you are at home or in a care home, or the doctor you are seeing if you are staying in hospital. They will be able to help you find the help that you need.

It is important for carers to understand that some of the issues mentioned above may mean that the person suffering with dementia can not communicate.

If this is the case then it is important to look for signs of distress. Pay attention if the person is more withdrawn than normal, very quiet or trying to hide away in a room full of people they know. This may mean that they need to see a professional. It is worth giving their GP a ring and asking their advice and then getting in touch with a professional.

The support and help that a person suffering with dementia may need is always available. Talk to your GP about the services that are available in your area.